About Dad

My journey actually started about 2 years ago when a friend at work told me about Paleo diets.  I was fat, my blood sugar was up around 114, and I always felt tired.  I stuck with the diet for a little over a year and I really enjoyed how I felt on it.  After about two weeks I had a lot of energy, I slept when I was supposed to sleep and I was alert when I was supposed to be alert – Wow, what a difference!

Better than that, my blood sugar fell from 114 to the mid 70s and I lost a little weight… All good so far, right?  Well, the problem was, I needed to lose a lot of weight.  About 120 pounds if I listened to the doctor.  After a year, I had only lost about 25 pounds of it.  Now, to be honest, I wasn’t hitting the  gym super hard, but I didn’t want to replace fat weight and size with muscle weight and size (how about just toned and skinny instead of shopping for athletic cut clothing?). I was swimming laps for 30 minutes at least two times a week and I would go for 30 minute walks a couple of times a week as well.. but I was stuck.

Dang!  How much does a guy in his 50’s need to work at this stuff to loose some pounds anyway?  I was a lot more active than I had been in 25 years – shouldn’t that count for something?

Besides feeling like I wasn’t making much progress on weight loss, Paleo eating restrictions started getting me down.  No wheat, no sugar, no grains, no peanuts, no-and-no-and no.  Fresh meats and vegetables are great, but not always readily available and so I started falling back in to old patterns.  Sure I felt better than I had in… ever.  But I wanted to lose weight as well and 25 pounds a year didn’t seem worth it.

One of the things that I did notice as I came off Paleo was that certain things needed to be gone from my diet for good.  Wheat seems to play hell with my digestion – gone.  Sugar?  I got used to avoiding that and it just doesn’t taste good to me any more – gone.  And soda, nasty swill in any flavor – SO GONE.  So my plan is to leave these out of whatever I try.

But things like brown rice and black beans – there is some good food that I want to keep eating if I can make it work along with other stuff that I missed like shelling peanuts on the back porch!  There are other things on my list that I will keep and see how it works.

So, what am I going to do different – for starters, everything.  I started a new job in 2015 (I was with my last company more than 10 years) so I feel like this is the year I just try to do everything different and discover what works for me.  For instance: I gave up soda (pop for you northern-folk) and replaced it with unsweet Ice tea (no artificial sweetners, no lemon, keep the spoon in the drawer – just plain brewed tea) a few years back.  That was good, but I read cold drinks slow down digestion so I am switching to hot tea and coffee (never drank coffee until now).  I am taking vitamin D3.  I  have never taken vitamins regularly in my life, but I read that it helps with weight loss and will help unlock the D vitamins trapped in the fat – so I take D3 every day.  Drop what doesn’t work, find what does, do it different.

So I am in this for me and I am in this for my family.  Here we go,.



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