Ice Day Tomorrow

Well, they’ve called it:  my school district says no school tomorrow due to winter weather event!

I don’t know how much ice this “event” will actually bring, but I’m grateful for the very threat of ice if it means an unexpected break from a too-hectic, too-stressful week.  It means staying up late tonight and sleeping in tomorrow, followed by some much-needed cleaning of house, grading of papers, and planning of lessons.  I’ll clean out our fridge and pantry, making room for our new whole, unprocessed grocery store buys.  Out with the old way of eating, in with the new. It will be that much easier to put together good meals with organized shelves and bins.

But all that is tomorrow.  For now, I’ll set aside the school bag (and this computer) and turn on the television.  Should we continue season two of “Bates Motel” or season three of “House of Cards”?  Maybe we’ll watch a little of both!

Ice, ice baby…


9 thoughts on “Ice Day Tomorrow

  1. It is nice to have these little breaks! I would say House of Cards! (have see the first two of season three – they are building tension) Happy TV watching and a day off!


  2. Here in the D.C. area, we haven’t heard whether our school will close tomorrow; snow is in the forecast, the question is – when? Loved your last line – “Ice, ice baby…” 😉 Yes, knowing that school is cancelled tomorrow would be a real pleasure!


  3. I miss snow days! Some of my best memories. Now I live where it’s too warm (Sniffle, sniffle.) It sounds like you have the perfect day planned. I hope you enjoy it. Stay safe!


  4. Knowing about the day in advance is so energizing! Are you guys doing a new eating program? I have been toying with a Whole30 or doing some Paleo. I tried Paleo for one week and it was like I was a new person!


    1. Yes! My daughter and I are joining my husband in his no wheat, no refined sugar eating, and we can feel the difference just six days in. We’re going to continue on, and I’m excited about the prospects!


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