This morning I wake with a terrible headache. The kind that lasts for hours. The kind that makes it hard to move very quickly.

Caffeine withdrawal, maybe?  Eliminating caffeine is not one of my food goals, but getting off of diet soda is.  No Coke Zero yesterday. No Diet Dr. Pepper. No TAB.  I’ve gone more than 24 hours without soda.

Because I was Mormon for thirty years, I never learned to like coffee or tea, so I have no appealing substitute for my beloved cola.  This sacrifice will be the hardest part of my nutrition makeover.

Every day on the way to work, I stop (stopped?!) at McDonald’s for a 32 oz. cup of diet soda. Almost every day on the way home, I stop (stopped) for another. For stretches at a time, I’d also keep some bottles of Coke Zero in the fridge at home, but then I’d tell myself that one strategy for drinking less of it was to never buy it at the grocery store. That way, I’d just have it as a treat whenever I got out.

Yeah, right.

I know all the reasons diet soda is bad for me. Especially as a cancer survivor. I’m going to persevere in cleaning up my nutrition, and giving up that (delicious) drink is a key part of the plan.

But oh, this headache! Day one of withdrawal, I guess.  I’ll be sure to drink lots of water today…starting now, as  I reach for the ibuprofen.


One thought on “Withdrawal

  1. I feel your pain. I went cold turkey off Diet Coke the Friday before Christmas. I haven’t had one for two months, though I have had regular Sprite and, in a moment of desperation, a regular Coke. I’ve nearly eliminated all artificial sweeteners now, and I do feel better. Good luck to you!


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