March 1

So, today I ate plantain chips.  They were delicious!

And I had apple slices dipped in fresh peanut butter–really fresh peanut butter, ground by me right in the store.

And I drank some blueberry kombucha.  Whole sips of it.  Consecutive sips.

I also made some salad dressing in an attempt to find a no-sugar alternative to the Dole citrus dressing that comes in the Sunflower Crunch ready-made salad pack.  My mistake was in using a white onion instead of a vidalia onion, but hey, the recipe has potential.

I have potential, too.  I KNOW I can make better choices in the foods I eat, and I started today by NOT eating sugar or wheat.

Now I’m heading downstairs to cook the pork tenderloin recipe in this month’s Prevention magazine…and to discover what the heck balsamic vinegar is!


Note:  Balsamic vinegar, simmered for ten minutes before basting the meat, makes an excellent sauce for pork tenderloin!  Cook for 30 minutes in a 425 oven, add some parsley as a garnish, and wow!  Easy and delicious.  We’ll be making this again.


9 thoughts on “March 1

  1. Had I not just eaten, I’d definitely be hungry after reading this! I love food, especially good food in a fine restaurant. We have limited options where I live, which means I must cook. My husband and I often talk about how good the simplest meals taste. Final thought: I love balsamic vinegar.

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  2. I went gluten-free for health reasons about 6 weeks ago and have been feeling better. It’s amazing how fixing up our diets can make such a difference. I used to think if I exercised it’d be enough. I’ve now seen there’s more to it than that.

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  3. I love the simple sentences and the clean descriptions. I too just started to focus on my health and wellness and it’s amazing how small changes really add up! I particularly like the lines about the recipe having potential, followed by the next line in a new paragraph, “I have potential, too.”

    There’s power in that there line! Congrats on your food choices and your sharing today!


    1. Yes, small but important changes…including changes in attitude. I decided to be brave and try some of the new things my green son has suggested, including the kombucha. Tomorrow: kefir…


  4. I just read someone else’s post that similarly coupled a “food challenge” with the writing challenge. I’m wondering if this is a theme you’ll stick with for the month or if you have other writing plans…


    1. I think that many of my posts will be about my food issues, but I also struggle with aging and the changes that have come with cancer treatment (just passed my five-year milestone) and then hysterectomy and oophorectomy three years later.
      In that sense, my part of this site may become a beauty blog, too!

      Of course, the cleaner I eat, the better I’ll look…right? We’ll see 😉


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